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Homeless Woman

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    The homeless woman is going to play a huge part in the story in my opinion.

    Originally I was thinking she was JAXs real mom, who Jax’s dad slept with when on the road, and gemma found out and Gemma and Clay were sleeping together, and they had an argument and killed Jax’s dad.

    But…. She looks to young to be his mom. So… What I am thinking now, is she was either witness to what happened to JAXs dad, or she maybe Jax’s half sister is what I am thinking.

    Or, she might be psychic lol. She said abel will save our little boys. Little boys meaning Sons of Anarchy, and when abel was born it caused Jax to think differently, which is one of the reasons why he thinks SoA needs to go down a different road.

    What are your thoughts?




    I believe she is some kind of metaphoric spirit that will continue to appear when major altering plots take place for the main characters.



    She’s the Reaper



    She is the daughter of JT’s Best friend who worked on his bikes..



    She is the daughter of JT’s Best friend who worked on his bikes..

    Interesting thought where did you get that from? Also how do you explain her being in Ireland do you think this daughter died and is now some kind angel who has come to watch over Jax or do you thinking she is living and a homeless stalker?



    just joined the forum and was hoping someone would be discussing this. The homeless woman is undoubtedly a very important character. I believe that she meant to be an enigma. She is meant to be mysterious; even metaphysical. Her purpose throughout the show is to point Jax and Gemma back to their true path when they are off course; refocus them on their original goals, and remind them of what it is they truly believe in. The evidence supporting this theory is apparent in every scene she appears in; the timing of her appearances, her dialogue, and her actions give the sense of some higher power.
    Another observation too is the woman’s actions and words traditionally coincide with what Tara says and does with respect to Jax and Gemma.



    As of last week, we’ve officially found out who the Homeless Woman is. Can’t wait to see how deep into SAMCRO’s history she goes.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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