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Kurt Sutter on Sons of Anarchy The Video Game

Sons of Anarchy The Video Game

Kurt Sutter is back at it again on Twitter, insisting “there will definitely be an SOA GAME.”

Sutter followed that up to say “no, it’s not a board game. 1st person action adventure. HD graphics.”

Sons of Anarchy,  will end after this coming season, and there’s no better way to pick up from there than an SoA Video Gamw. But the kind of licensed title Sutter has long envisioned is something publishers, especially publicly traded companies, have increasingly shied away from as development costs have risen. He didn’t say who is aboard with this project.

sons of anarchy game

After approaching Rockstar Games via Twitter about the possibility of creating a Sons of Anarchy video game last October, Sutter revealed a month later that he had given up on pushing for a video game adaptation of his series. He tweeted at the time that there was “no interest from industry, little support from Fox.”

Sutter said he felt obligated to deliver “a great game, not some 1/2 promotional piece of shit like [Game of Thrones],” a truly harble licensed game that launched in May 2012. But then the concept died out altogether. Last year, Deep Silver released Eutechnyx’ biker adventure Ride to Hell: Retribution, which had terrible game play and nothing like they promised it would be.

So either someone got the idea they can do that better, or they figure with the bar set so low they can clear it with just about anything bearing SAMCRO’s name.

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